Young, but with a great history behind it!

In 2003 the Iembo family acquires a small, one acre vineyard in the D.O.C. Sant’ Anna region near Cutro, a famed spot where the Ancient Romans passed through as a matter of course in order to refurnish their supplies with the said "Nectar of the Gods".

The estate vineyard focuses predominately on the vines native to this area, choosing carefully the clones that best express its organic characteristics.Today the property spans approximately 10 acres.

Each family member plays an important role and is involved with running the family business. What began as the head of the family, Domenico’s passion for viticulture and wine making is thus handed down to the next generations.

The grape harvest, one of the most important moments in the wine making process, is lived as a true ritual by the whole Iembo clan, a tradition that has become a sort of homecoming for even the most distant family members.
From the grape harvest we pass to the wine cellar, where under the watchful eye of oenologist Giuseppe Liotti, the first wines come into being: NATO IERI (literally born yesterday or yesteryear) Red, Rosé and White.

A most special attention is given to our brand identity; a young, ambitious and daring image that wants to place itself in a unique, niche of today’s market.


Reviewed by the magazine"Il Mio Vino"

Our company reported in the magazine "Il Mio Vino".


Iembo Vigneti at the Sanremo Festival 2013

"Nato Ieri"drank during the gala Calabrian.

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